Schedule Fall 2020

Schedule of Class

Week One: What is Anthropology?Start: August 26 End: August 30 (Short Week)The Nacirema Power Point OneBabies (trailer/movie)Discussion Board Post and Introductions
Week Two: Ethnography – Product and ProcessStart: August 31 End: Sept 6 (Short Week)Spradley and Sterk Power Point TwoPodcast/Ear Hustle EpisodeQuiz
Week Three: Language and SocietyStart: Sept 7 End: Sept 13 (Short Week)Deutscher Power Point ThreeFilm: American TonguesMovie Viewing Guide
Week Four: Race (Pt. 1)Start: Sept 14 End: Sept 20 (Short Week)Jablonski Power Point FourFilm: Race: The power of IllusionQuiz
Week Five: Race (Pt. 2)Start: Sept 21 End: Sept 27Fish and Baugh Power Point FivePodcast: Code Switch Video: Reverse RacismResponse Paper
Week Six: Sex, Gender and SexualityStart: Sept 28 End: Oct 4 (Short Week)Kulick/Lorber Power Point SixMiss Representation or The Mask of MasculinityMovie Viewing Guide
Week Seven: Capitalism and Class (Pt. 1)Start: Oct 5 End: Oct 11Class Power Point SevenFilm: People Like USDiscussion Board
Week EightStart: Oct 12 End: Oct 18 (Short Week)Review Sheet  Zoom Review Session (Zoom)Midterm Exam
Week NineStart: Oct 19 End: Oct 25Hegemony Power Point EightThe Story of StuffDiscussion Board
Week TenStart: Oct 26 End: Nov 1Neoliberalism and Globalization Power Point NineFilm: Life and DebtQuiz
Week ElevenStart: Nov 2 End: Nov 8International Development Power Point TenFilm: Second NatureMovie Viewing Guide
Week TwelveStart: Nov 9 End: Nov 15Ritual Baseball Magic: Gmelch Power Point ElevenAzande WitchcraftDiscussion Board
Week ThirteenStart: Nov 16 End: Nov 22Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving – Ebu-Lughod Power Point TwelveOn Orientalism w/Edward SaidResponse Paper
Week Fourteen: OFFStart: Nov 23 End: Nov 29 (Short Week)Thanksgiving Holiday – No ReadingN/ANothing Due
Week FifteenStart: Nov 30 End: Dec 6Andrea Smith – Intersectionality Power Point ThirteenKimberle KrenshawQuiz
Week SixteenStart: Dec 7 End:  Dec 9 (LDOC) (Short week)Alverson and Peace Corps and Review Power Point FourteenCannibal ToursMovie Viewing Guide
Final Exam:Start: Dec 14 End: Dec 20Cumulative, Open Note Final ExamN/AFinal Exam