This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts, theories and methods of Cultural Anthropology – an academic discipline that studies human societies in all their diversity. Cultural anthropologists have traditionally focused their research in remote locales and stressed the importance of learning the languages and lifestyles of the people with whom they work. Nevertheless, today’s anthropology is largely about understanding the increasingly global nature of our own society. Culture and Society is a portal into more advanced anthropology courses. The overall purpose of this course is to provide students with a broad perspective on the types of research that anthropologists undertake, and to engage in a critical dialogue on how the work of anthropologists contributes to the understanding of the human condition. Anthropological research is more than a theoretical endeavor; it is used to shape solutions to real world social, political, economic and environmental problems. A significant focus of this course is therefore focused on the applied dimensions of Anthropology. Students who take this class will obtain a broad overview of Cultural Anthropology and a better appreciation for the cultural diversity that they encounter in everyday life.