Pop Quizzes

Pop quizzes based on the readings with very low stakes. I usually just put them as checks and pluses in the gradebook. Three questions (T/F, multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer) and the student needs to get two out of three correct in order to get a plus in the gradebook. If they get zero or one correct, they get a check. If they dont take the quiz, they get a zero. Helps keep track of attendance and participation in one shot. Also, I have had several students tell me that they would not have read if they did not have quizzes to do.

Ethnographic Exercises

Students will produce ethnographic exercise reflection papers. Each paper will be three pages in length, double-spaced and typed. The papers will describe and analyze an event the student attended in person through an ethnographic lens. The event can be nearly anything from a party to a parade, a worship service or a political rally. (If you are not sure if the event you have chosen is acceptable for this assignment, please check with the professor). The student will describe the event and interpret its meaning. When appropriate, the student is encouraged to incorporate participant observation. Students will have the opportunity to rewrite these essays to improve their scores. (More specific information about this assignment can be found on blackboard in the course documents folder).

** Coronavirus Modification: I had them do some participant observation around online class, social distancing, grocery shopping. Reflect and comment on the cultural practices and material culture present.


Exams are mixed format including, but not limited to, multiple choice, fill in the blank, matching, short answer and short essays. All examinations are given in class, on the day scheduled on the syllabus unless other accommodations are required and have been made in advance.

Coronavirus Modifications: Use independently or in combination

Article Review: choose an article and have students read and comment on the article’s argument, engaging with concepts from class to explain why they agree or disagree.

Essay Exam: Assign three essays and have them choose two. Open note, three-page essays responding to some major themes of the class.

Identifications: Define and explain concepts from class in your own words.